Episode Two: Flo becomes a knight!

It’s more adventures in the Nik Lettuce Clubhouse with Nik & Flo the Crow! On this episode, Nik has to fend off worms, welcomes the first ever bug cub sprout to the club and Flo has a surprise in store.

PLUS Nik & Flo speak to some jingly-jangly dancers, pearly royalty and Flo trains to become a knight!

You can download and listen to the show in any of these places:

Radio Public – https://radiopublic.com/nik-lettuce-clubhouse-69mXDD

Apple podcasts – applepodcasts.com/niklettuceclubhouse

Stitcher – https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/nik-de-garis/nik-lettuce-clubhouse

Here is Nik with Kirsty the knight trainer, and then on the right here’s Nik looking scared out of his wits tickling the dragon!

If you liked what you heard you can review the show on Apple Podcasts or send us your thoughts on @niklettucech on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Thank you to Kirsty from the Gallant Gigglers, the Pearly King and Queen of Harrow and the New Esperance Morris Dancers for taking part in our podcast.

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