Meet the team

Nik Lettuce

Suave, sophisticated, not smelly. These are words and phrases that have never been used to describe Nik Lettuce. He started his own clubhouse because he wanted everyone in the world to feel included somewhere.

Likes: Lots of friends, Thor, Carrot and Coriander soup and Dr Pepper zero (he’s on a diet).

Dislikes: Worms, worms and worms (bleurgh!)


Flo the Crow

Hi. I’m Flo the Crow. I’m the brains behind this whole operation. I know I have a wonderful personality and an incredible amount of intelligence and to top that all off, I am incredibly modest. The best thing about me is my wonderful looks and my hilarious jokes. I live in the tree house next to the club house and my nest is 4 stories tall. All my friends come to visit and we definitely have lots of fun. One of my bestest games is catch the worm. You have to sneak up on worms and try to catch them with your beak. Nik Lettuce is TOTALLY rubbish at it and I always win!!! Ooooh, also I am…. [text ends here]


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